Uber getting a new lifeline!


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SoftBank, Dragoneer, Didi close to finalizing investment in Uber
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Japan’s SoftBank Group, U.S. investment group Dragoneer and Chinese rideshare giant Didi Chuxing are close to finalizing their investment in Uber via a joint venture, sources tell TechCrunch. The tender offer is on track to launch by the end of the month and includes a direct investment in the company, as well as the purchase of shares from employees and early investors.

The potential investors were first reported by The New York Times about a month ago. We’re hearing that the conversations are not only still happening, but that the deal is likely to include the largest secondary transaction in history, with thousands of Uber employees eligible to sell shares.

Bloomberg earlier reported that Uber could be lining up between $2 billion and $10 billion from these new investors. We’re hearing that the latest conversations involve numbers toward the top of that range, around $8 billion to $10 billion.

The investment is being led by Dragoneer, Didi and SoftBank — which now has about $100 billion to deploy from its Vision Fund — but General Atlantic is also expected to participate. A special-purpose vehicle is being formed to make the investment.

Uber declined to comment.

The round is significant, not only because of the deal size, but because the shares will likely be purchased at Uber’s last private valuation of nearly $70 billion. After months of public scrutiny and a formal investigation into the company’s culture, which led to many executive departures, including CEO Travis Kalanick, there has been widespread speculation that Uber’s valuation would be cut. Instead, this move doubles down on its existing value.

It also gives employees and early investors another opportunity to cash out. For years, Uber restricted the sale of equity stakes, making it difficult for these individuals to turn this compensation into cash.

After its policy came under fire, the company began conducting buybacks earlier this year. We’re told that Uber just finished a second buyback last week that was made available to hundreds of employees who were eligible to sell up to 20 percent of their stake in the company.

Such moves also reduce some of the pressure for Uber to orchestrate a liquidity event. New CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently told Uber employees than an IPO is still 18 to 36 months out.


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You don't want to know what that guy behind Travis is doing........looks like its hurting Travis a bit
With the Valuation Holding at $70 Billion
Travis says he will take one for the " Team" and try to learn to like it . . .

Look at who Arianna is hovering over Now !

Perhaps the guy behind Travis is protecting him . . .

And then theres This.

You know how much negative energy one must displace to have This many empty seats around him ?


We need a background check on a Travis stalker!
There are NO coincedences.

This man has bad intentions which others can sense.


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The guy in the blue shirt.
Holding his right hand as if an automatic pistol were in it.
Extended trigger finger.
Head turned to the side as the photo is taken.
I would look into him . . .

Not an empty seat in the house.
Except all around Him.

Pissed off Uber driver who got 1 too many short tides
Bad JUJU in this one.
You can SEE it.

Travis should have security.
The Board should have security.
Too much at stake.
This is no longer a " Start Up".

Pissed off Uber driver who got 1 too many short tides
I would not trust my passengers around that one.


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I bet $1.00 i am right.

Pissed off Uber driver who got 1 too many short tides
You Dont Recognize your NEW C.E.O. !

They are dealing with major international players now.
Time to elevate awareness.

$70 Billion is a lot of poker chips.

Maybe he IS security.
No one else wearing a tag as he is.

Training for higher level security is to avert photography also.
Could explain " gun hand" also.
A callous in the web of the hand betrays undercover police .
Quick handshake tells the story.


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More money to subsidize ridiculously low rates for unprofitable rides a bit longer.
I quit almost two years ago when the rates went from $2/mile to 1.20/mile, then they lowered them to .70/mile. If uber wants to turn a profit they're going to have to raise the rates to what they were back in 2014. They'd still be cheaper then cabs.