Uber gets the boot


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They aren’t going anywhere. There’s a long appeal process and they’ll drag it out for a very long time and continue operating in true Uber fashion.


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5 STAR yep they bully their way..also many people from thier love uber, the reason is price is lower....


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appeal process, extensions and so on, Germany had the thing going on as well (I believe they also had pop service) , besides some court procedures have already approved arbitration process here in the states , means no lawsuits from individuals but only law firms...smart move by Uber also protecting them from being attacked by many senseless lawsuits, on the other hand arbitration is a waste of time for the defense/consumer ....just my opinion here ...any big company will face lawsuits and it's routine for them, look at Sallie Mae Student loan service which in the end has changed it's name to Navient to go on with the raping all the borrowers and make them debt slaves forever...but the gov sues them again...what a mess it is outta there ..