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Uber from Ottawa Airport to Upstate NY

Discussion in 'Ottawa' started by UpstateLiving, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. UpstateLiving

    UpstateLiving New Member

    Upstate NY
    I was wondering if it seemed tenable to get an Uber from the airport to the Potsdam area of New York. It's about an 80 minute drive and there are literally no options for transit. Any idea?
  2. djino

    djino Well-Known Member

    The issue is that the Uber rider would not get paid for his drive back to Ottawa, so it is likely that you would not get any riders willing to do so.

    I on the other hand may consider it if 75% -100% of the fare trip to your destination was given to me as a cash tip in addition to the uber fare.

    In other words, are you willing to pay $1.60 / km + $0.36 / min ?

  3. MajorPainage

    MajorPainage Member

    Ottawa, ON
    Had a request last fall to pick someone up and drive to Pittsburgh. Had to refuse them.
  4. brendon292

    brendon292 Well-Known Member

    Ottawa, Ontario
    I would not cross the border with an Uber passenger. No idea what they're carrying on their person and I'm not trying to get arrested by CBP.

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