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Uber flat surge=killer


New Member
Hello fellow Bloomington drivers,

The new uber surge has really been a terrible hit to the amount of money made here. I have done a few weekends and the IU bball night and got a few 5$ and even 7.75 surges but these rides would only net 10$ compared to the usual 20$. So essentially the surge is halved. After taxes I really cant see any reason to do this anymore. I am mainly just going to sign off of uber during surge and do Lyft and boycott it. A few passengers have said that there were no uber drivers available during the games so I am hoping that is what most of the drivers are doing right now. Please do the math on these rides. Those 3$-5$ rides are pretty much a loss please stop accepting such low rates itll really kill your car for nothing. I have been a rider here as well and have noticed that many local Bloomington drivers blindly follow the uber app and are badly beating up their vehicles. Just hoping a conversation on this forum might assist the way drivers plan and attempt the make a profit! Thanks and hope it gets better!

P.S. Whoever is doing UberX with a quad cab Dodge Ram......what are you doing?? The gas......depreciation..... 3$ min fares....(totally insane)