Uber Financing?? Clearbanc loans?? Any luck?


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Hello Uber family.. I joined uber a little over a month ago. Phoenix did not have the xchange program yet.. so I opted for a "leasing" company for 325 a week. It took uber 2 weeks I get me cleared. Joining also with postmates, veyo and lyft.. after finally getting the hang of it And actually making money.. I found that I was just cutting even with this payment. I had to give the car back. I love driving, yet now, without a car, I'm stuck. I googled all the information on uber perks for cash advance and financing. But clearbanc has a waiting list and I can't seem to find this "uber financing" application. I'm desperate right now, Christmas is coming and we are in a shelter. I need a vehicle to continue this. Please no "poor, using the system" comments. We left a violent situation, I'm a hard working tax payer and my children are 2 and 4 and I can only work certain hours.. or pay out the nose for childcare.
Thank you so much for your feedback. Happy driving..