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Uber fights off scammers every day. Here's how it learned the tricks

Discussion in 'News' started by durwardfarquhar, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. durwardfarquhar


    From CNET, June 14th, 2018:

    Uber fights off scammers every day. Here's how it learned the tricks

    For a while, scammers have been getting away with fake rides on Uber, lining their own pockets with money from stolen credit cards, the company said.

    Uber has been using machine-learning tools to keep pace with the crooks, relying on data coming in from millions of people using the app every day. Ting Chen, Uber's data science manager, said it has more than 600 different signals as red flags warning it of new scams.
    See link to complete article above. Also, there is a video on how Uber detects GPS spoofing:

    I suspect this is old news, and Uber has moved on (as have the fraudsters) to new techniques ... I wouldn't expect Uber to reveal their bleeding-edge scam abatement tech. Still, it's an interesting read IMO.
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  2. Disgusted Driver

    Disgusted Driver

    It does explain why someone gets deactivated without warning, because they fall into one of these behavioral models so they get flagged as a scammer.
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  3. MoreTips



    So true.
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  4. High turnover of non employees low skill low wage drivers is what uber wants
    1000 drivers leave, 10,000 sign on
    10,000 driver leave, 100,000 drivers sign on

    Uber has a never ending supply of unemployable misfits willing to borrow $$$ against their only asset until they realize they’re suckers or become homeless.


    Problem is those misfits are drunk, carrying guns & killing ubers clients
    Hence ONE of the reason uber, the passengers, governments and insurance companies
    are strong advocates of autonomous vehicles
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  5. rex jones

    rex jones

    Yeah, I am sure all of this guys issues are Ubers fault.
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  6. Uber chases it’s own tail — news at 11.
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  7. Is it not tradition that the typical uber driver blames uber and its client passengers for all their problems? It’s a consistent trend throughout the entire uber people site, in every corner in every discussion in every state, city and country.

    Uber driver never take responsibility for their decisions in life.
    They feel they are constant victims
  8. Yawnnnnnn

    Uber is probably doing the scamming
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  9. MoreTips


    Kobayashi MaruKobayashi Maru , Travis Kalanicks Far East alter ego.
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  10. uberdriverfornow


    Did they inquire within ?
  11. Wish I had his personal worth of $6 billion
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  12. Uber won't disclose the scams they are concerned with. Just the problems they solved years ago, lol.
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  13. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    Takes one to know one.
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  14. SOP for a corporation NOT to comment on current ongoing investigations.
    Commenting on an active investigation would aid & abet those, or the entity, being scrutinized.

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