Uber feedback from driver re: pay calc


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A copy of my feedback post and help request today. Needless to say, my nethers are chapped....

"Driver was paid $4.63
Uber was paid $5.47
Atlanta Uberx
In what universe is this acceptable? The last six of nine rides I completed reflect this payment disparity. That is 66%. Please review your rate policy and adjust my payments for the last two weeks. No reply necessary."

Anyone else actually reading their fare details?

This sudden change in calculations began two weeks ago.


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Not understanding your dilemma. Did you not get paid correctly or is this just another post in a long line of posts complaining about how much uber charges the pax?


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You get paid by your city rate table not by percentage of what the pax pays. This has always been the case, it just used to be that pax were also charged based on the rate table. That changed with upfront pricing. What they charge the pax has nothing to do with what you get paid.