Uber everywhere....is a scam everywhere!



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Shes right about Uber being a shitty unethical business model but her numbers are not right for NYC, Im figuring that strictly driving Uber with a 90+% acceptance rate will net an inexperienced driver in NYC about $10-12/hr pretax and an experienced driver $14-16/hr all pre-tax but after expense. This is purely anecdotal of course and very rough estimates from people Ive spoke to and experience.


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I'm not going to argue with the woman's overall logic, but the idea that it costs 54 cents per mile to operate the average Uber vehicle needs to die.


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Thats not her logic thats the IRS's determination.
She uses 54 cents per mile in her calculation, so she is using it as part of her logic - without actually looking at whether 54 cents a mile is a legit number for the average UberX vehicle.

There's a reason most drivers take the 54 cents per mile deduction rather than deducting individual expenditures, and it's not simply because it's easier to do so.
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