Uber-Eats platinum


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My question is I'm 74 of 100 to achieve platinum b4 Monday. My question is how many deliveries do they make you do to get those 175?


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From what I've found it's a quest...of course I'll never see it since they don't ever do them in my area pfffftttt. silver, gold, black, and platinum seem to be the ones. One said 150 deliveries in a week and it opens up better boosts and surges along with paying more on deliveries.


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150 stops a week for eats? the most I have ever done in a week was last spring when I hit 77 but mostly I am in 50's and low 60's(61 and 62).
who can do over a hundred stops seems like you would need medium rain during lunch and dinner the whole week and get some favortism lol how you do a hunderd plus is beyond me


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I did over 100 last week but still got gold as a result . So I need 175 for platinum? I only got to I believe 105


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So what exactly will gold get you?


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Those look like the normally low boosts...do you not usually get them otherwise?
Pretty much same thing as a normal boost .

Except I feel special

I usually don't brag about anything but Gold status at UberEATS is something I am proud to tell about to my friends and family.
When I deliver, little that they know a Gold status driver brings it to them !

It's like being a 4 star general of food delivery