Uber Eats list of restaurants with no place to park or no free parking for pickups


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I got a parking ticket last week running into a restaurant because there was no free parking anywhere near. I took my chances and ran in the place and came right out to find my car being ticketed.

Since then, I've been to 2 more places where parking is a serious issue. I now decline these places, especially during busy hours.

Let's use this thread to build a list of places that don't provide free, easily accessible parking for pickup.

I know the response from many will be to simply not do Uber or Uber Eats. So know that I hear your input, so no need to restate it and muddy up the thread.

Here's my list so far:
Einsteins (on juniper in midtown)
Mangos Caribbean Cafe (on Auburn Ave downtown)
Mr. Everything Cafe (on MLK in the West End)

Please add your observations to the list...


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Places that do not have any parking should bring the food out to you. I have a friend that does Postmates and he had his car booted while running into a restaurant. We are helping them make extra income so the least they could do is bring it out to the driver.