Uber eats driving - (Don't bother)


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Well I notice not much has been spoken about uber eats on the forums about this type of work...

so here is my view.

All I can say the customer service/help is useless lol they tend to just fob you off or when you try to explain a problem in its simplest way they just copy and past the same thing because think about it they known them selves who do they need to answer to, so they get away with what they please so screw you lol.

I keep very detailed logs of everything and noticed they screwed me out of money on many occasions over the time working with them and have flagged it to them several times with proof even when the proof is in front of them all logged for example the surge/boost ( tried to claim a surge was something it wasn't) but they were just copying and pasting the same reply saying it was correct but with added proof it was too low.

The constant head aches you'll get and you really shouldn't ignore.
I did a few pick ups with constant errors on the app (kept crashing so obviously the customer is waiting angrily for hot food (i have s8+ so its not my phone) or after trips etc it couldn't calculate money giving the "don't worry everything is saved/safe and well update soon").

Then there was one pick up place that was classed as open! because they left their uber thing on instead of putting the shop as offline or whatever they have to do, even though they couldn't be accepting any more orders they were alerting people. So I stop the one I was doing and classed it as "shop closed" obviously.

Oh the problem didnt stop there, then I had more coming though for the same place so all the jobs had to be removed and class as closed each time.... so I go offline and contact support (as you do) site states you would be reimbursed for this problem if you came to pick up and its closed etc but after speaking with them on the phone to sort this problem and shop out they tell me to wait and vanish for almost 30 mins and come back saying they dunno what the problem is .... (while i hear him opening a bag of crisps) after going over the same ground over and over again he finally says "you wont get any more alerts from this shop" after saying "what about the trip of coming here and collecting this" he was just going in circles again and not having any of it and wouldn't reimbursed my journey lol so a waste time and money even the site is gives you false information.
I gave up arguing as this guy was so dense and irritating if he was sitting in front of me i would have punched him in the nose by now (after all it sounded like i was on hole while he got himself some crisps from the vending machine) in the end he said you'll have to message support (the hole fobbing you off) so in the end i do this.. guess what ... you get the next line of idiots and you'll never get anywhere lol

These are the recent issues that just killed it off for me now even though I loved the feedback from customers how "quick/warm food was delievered" "thank so much bring my food (i was the only driver passing... think they were stoners with major munchies haha) and complements how nice my car was (saved very hard for it) but uber eats is utter [email protected] to work for.

Now wrong surges, money they keep taking without you noticing, very poor customer service and help and your gaining below minimum wage when you do the math I thought ill give people the heads up if your thinking of doing this uber eats in the Birmingham area.

I've done it for a while now and anyone that tells you they made this and that lol trust me its bull.. get them to show you proof of the distance they traveled to work or find the work in that area (fuel usage etc) then take the amount they made divide this with the time online lol it works out well below minimum wage and to add insult you'll see about 6 uber eats guys doing the same thing as you and sometimes in and out a shop more times than you while your waiting to go lol and uber continues to recruit so it shows they don't care about the drivers they already have.

Do not do this if you're trying to make a living because you'll be at a loss more than profit luckily I have another job (not the best) but with how uber treats its drivers and how they don't give two :poop: about you.. after all your a number and they continue recruiting as many people stop doing it after they see how bad it is after all the money your owed you'll be screwed out of money and if your not a number crunching hawk like me you'll never notice the money they have sneakily taken when your doing many jobs none stop. the support online and over the phone are the most basic type of people its shocking that these are the people in charge of safety and money.:rollseyes::poop:

Im not sure what its like for everyone else but this is how bad I've seen it. plus Birmingham area doesn't have the wait time fee and you'll be waiting around for long periods for example you get an alert .. its a job, you accept and get to lets say McDonalds you wait in a line .... when you get to the till you show them the code then go and stand in collections then wait for about 20 mins for the food to be done (they leave you last while they serve overs first) so you don't get the wait per min (duration) cost like London and the US get.. so your time to the till to show them the code+ the 20 min wait is a loss on you all you get is the £3.50 x (surge).. minus the 25% fee. you'll be VERY lucky to see more than two jobs an hour.. hell sometimes you'll see one or none in the day.

Well hope that helps anyone even considering it ..
I'm more than happy to let anyone know more about uber eats if they're interested in it and what to know anything.
Bottom line is if you don't have another job to fall back on you'll hate uber eats its slave wage.
I done this to sample what its like as uber cab/taxi driver and im glad i did as i doubt ill do that at the end of the year as planned its a massive eye opener.


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No you have to get your own cover

If your delivering food you have to get insurance that covers that. Once you register with Uber you have to upload your insurance docs stating your covered for delivery.

If it's taxi side of things you have to be covered to carry passangers.

On top of all that you'll go to the enxt stage were you'll need to get documents verified for a DBS check. This will be required for you to go to the post office.

Once your online and ready to go you'll get two added insurance covers down the line but you won't get them untill your covered to drive with food cover ... The whole thing is time consuming to get set up.

Bottom line you'll need to be covered before you start Uber don't offer you anything even though on there site they do claim they might offer it one day but I'm presuming the UK won't see anything lol


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My complaints? It's informing people what their in for and what's needed. But clearly if that's your attitude I wouldn't even employ you.


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It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. Nobody likes a quitter, get back in there sport. Feed the people their big macs


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Lol 95% of the time it is mcds but oddly enough it tends to be chicken nuggets more than anything ... Oddest orders are when people pay £3.50 delivery just to have just a 99p coke or milkshake delivered just under a mile away lol


Thanks. I was wondering if it was worthwhile doing on the side to a regular job. I would rather do Uber X part time but the insurance costs makes it not viable, I guess it will be a similar story with Uber Eats. What's the ballpark figure for delivery insurance?