Uber Eats Driver app


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I really enjoy this uber Eats but the app makes it kinda..junk...

Does anybody have issues with this app? I have a bunch of the following issues constantly.

1. Won't allow me to see my earnings
2. Won't allow me to see / send thanks in tips...sometimes I have to delete the app and reload for this to work.
3. The map doesn't always show any streets..you're just following a blue line in the middle of a gray screen. it will on occasion show streets then suddenly no streets at all.
3.1. In relation to this, the arrow wil lrandomly go crazy and get confused as to where and which way I am going
4. App Glitches and freezes
5. The shown location of drop off is far from the actual destination..verified with my phone's map app
6. Taking photo of the food takes forever to "verify"
7. Tells me not to text the customer while I am driving as I am literally standing outside or in a restaurant trying to ask the customer something.

this is running on an older iPhone 6S but with the latest I think iOS 14.1 software.




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All of the above, sure, it's glitchy for me too. Good thing we are intelligent enough to work around it and get the job done. 👍


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I know its workable and what not but last night the thing was CONSTANTLY messing up. I was at least a quarte mile sway from my destination, it crashed, I couldn't message the customer..... ugh

I guess it keeps the brain busy hahaha