Uber Eats: Dayton restaurants & Uber need to get their act together


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Venting some, but.

I've had four places in the last month and a half be unavailable for delivery. Twice the place was closed (how did the order get placed?) and twice their systems were down; I assume the orders had been placed but they couldn't see them. Two of those instances were different Steak n' Shakes, who are one of the few options for late-night food.

If you call the 'customer' you get the restaurant, who can't help at all. No way to offer the PAX an alternative or say 'sorry', and there's no button for 'restaurant unable to fulfill' or anything close to the actual reason.

End result: I've driven for nothing with no recourse, PAX goes hungry and won't know why. The one time I called customer service I got no follow-up, so I can only assume it's not an issue they're concerned about.


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Call customer service. The next time I tried they gave me a token amount for making the attempt and assured me they contact the customer to let them know etc. The larger issue of "why can people order from a closed establishment" remains, but at least you'll get paid and the folks you're trying to serve get notified, eventually.