Uber eat speed warning


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You are driving around illegally without insurance and should be prosecuted. Why are students so dumb these days?

You should be grateful that they are only disabling your account.


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ok your bike broke and a nice person drove you to the delivery . whats the deal here ?
are you not allowed to have somebody else drive you ?
your driving and not allowed to do so not to worry you will be pulled over soon enough and be put in jail

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Hi all. Please help me how can I escape...A week ago Uber sent me a message ARE YOU DELIVERING WITH CAR..This is because I registered with bicycle but i do deliver by car. I always control my speed and I’m doing it from a long time. Last week I couldn’t control my speed limit due to highway route. Today I received their message and they gave me 7 days notice to upload documents related to Car otherwise my account will be disabled. Please help me what to do because I don’t meet the requirement of delivering by Car
GTFOH...you’re stealing our jobs...and you want our help????

sorry for your luck but find another job, guy.
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Very simple your Louis Armstrongs cousin.
Louis was a trumpet player...did you mean Lance?


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Thats my own car.

Yeah it’s easy but I haven’t scheduled knowledge test yet , i am scheduling it soon. Also student are allowed to work 20 hours per week. So that’s not an issue. It’s obvious Uber asks work proof from us while registration.

What liar??!! A number of students do the same. Even 90 percent students are doing same as me. Who the hell are you to stop me what i am doing. I didn’t invite you here, i did what i did. I am just asking for the solution now. That’s it
You're lying about your account because you cant qualify and you're stealing jobs from people that CAN qualify. I won't stop you, but uber will. Enjoy your deactivation.
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Pretty simple, really. Pretty dumb to come in a forum to ask “hey guys, how to I cheat the rules that all of you comply with?”

Get a @@@@ing driver’s license.
In Canada, this is a pretty common scam amongst Indians and Pakistani people. One of the workers at my local Popeye's (who is indian), told me that this is their scam along with sticking four guys in a car with 4 phones on and splitting the nights costs and wages.


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What liar??!!
Well, that would be you. :wink:



Not the end of the world and doesn't make you a horrible person.

Being an arrogant prick that gets offended when you get called out kinda does. :biggrin:

When I break laws or rules, I'm generally well aware of the potential consequences.

A number of students do the same. Even 90 percent students are doing same as me.
That is usually an argument made by children.

Who the hell are you to stop me what i am doing.
Nobody here is stopping you from doing anything.

You lying to Uber and getting nailed for it seems to be doing that.

I didn’t invite you here
Of course not. Most of us were here first. :p

i did what i did. I am just asking for the solution now. That’s it
Yep, you did what you did and now you're whining and lashing out at the lack of sympathy when you suffer the repercussions.

Some solutions:
  • Get a bike and do what you told Uber you would be doing in the first place, although your lies may have already cost you that opportunity
  • Get a different job, maybe one that doesn't require you to lie to obtain it :wink:
  • Get your license and see if you can get back on the platform if you do get suspended from it
If Canadian delivery driver requirements require at least a year of driving history, you might be out of luck. That doesn't appear to be the case.

Good luck and you might want to let the 90% of your lying friends know that they could be next.


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You just need to be honest with them. Uber only wants the best for the struggling little guy. They will respect your honesty.