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Good idea or bad idea? Check out from today ABC13 news in Texas!!!!!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --
Houston Uber drivers are coming together to voice their complaints about the company.

Drivers will gather in the parking lot of George Bush International Airport and turn off their apps this afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

They have a list of demands they're hoping to get Uber management to respond to including increasing rates, surge fee practices, holding passengers accountable for damage to vehicles, cancellation fee practices and raising the minimum fare rate, among other things.

While the drivers say the event is not a protest, they do plan to meet in solidarity until they get a positive response from Uber management.

Steven Romo is following the story today and will have more information tonight at 4 p.m. on ABC13, including a response from Uber.



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The idea is great in theory. We should get something similar going in the SAN
pig pen. :wink:

Unfortunately, we already have a pretty good idea what Fuber's arrogant
response to something like this would be:

"We can do whatever we want, because we can."


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If they can get passenger sympathy ... But that is unlikely.

You turn off your app for 15 minutes. Okay. Then what? Everyone drives away at 3:30 and turns their apps back on. At worst, Uber notices a lack of drivers at 3:00.


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This is in the LA forum
The Independent Drivers Guild, who have helped ride share drivers in NYC and SF are looking to come help us out in LA!

They were successful with helping to get UBER to raise base rates in NYC and SF, and are also petitioning to require them to add a built in tip feature.

Apparently if they get enough interest from drivers in the LA market they are willing to come help us out so please pass this info on to any drivers you know that want to help make a difference!

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