Uber Drivers Plan Strike to Kick Off 2019’s Most-Hyped IPO

No Prisoners

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Since February been tweeting and posting on multiple forums to target IPO. Hit them where it hurts and use same tactics.
But this won't work unless its viral.
Wouldn't it be amazing if Yellow Vests were on Wallstreet on IPO day:


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Waste of time once the IPO date arrives.
Uber and the people that you want to hurt will already have their cash.
That said this publicity does serve as a reminder to people such as the funds managers thinking about investing in Uber now about what Uber is and could sway them again handing of their cash.
You want to hurt Uber you need to turn the 10 billion they are chasing now at a 100 billion valuation into 5 billion at a 30 billion valuation.