Uber Drivers in the UK, US, AU and NZ Going on Strike...truly?


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Found this on a UK Taxi Site but they also say it’s going to be in the US as well. Haven’t heard a word about it.

“It's been revealed that Uber drivers in the UK are to go on strike.

The international Uber Log-OFF Strike is to take place between 6:00am until 10:00am on September 5th.

The strike, which has been called by Ride Share Drivers United, will include drivers from Australia, New Zealand and the United States as well as the UK.

The strike has been called because of concerns surrounding Uber's alleged exploitation of drivers, unfair contract terms and drivers being falsely declared as independent contractors, according to a spokesperson for Ride Share Drivers United.

There have also been calls for respective governments to start legislating the ride share industry properly.

Concerns have also been raised over the unsustainably low fares that have helped Uber control huge swathes of the ride share market, thus squashing competition.”


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It will never work because there will always be drivers who don't know about it or don't care about it and will be driving for huge surge rates if availability is low, but it will send a message and pax who will not pay above the regular rate will have to find other transportation so it may send a signal to Uber, but Uber doesn't care about drivers.


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Damn, I MISSED it! I feel all empty inside.

Why, why, WHY was I not informed of this important strike??? I wasn't driving today anyway and could have stood up proudly in solidarity with my oppressed brothers and sisters!


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Lol, lets arrange a strike for Friday 8pm-3am and Saturday from the same time, every weekend. That'll show them! Power to the people! Viva la resistance!

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Yeah...on a Wednesday, lol.
Hey, it is the first Wed of the month so I bet those Walmart grocery carts were full full full just waiting for their driver. Lol

Damn, I MISSED it! I feel all empty inside.
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