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Uber drivers in the Trafford

Discussion in 'Manchester, UK' started by MarkT, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Good morning

    Could I ask peoples views and opinions on being an Uber driver in the Trafford area

    Are people making a success of it...

    Is it worthwhile

    What are the best times to be available... My preference would be days from 7 to 7????

    Essentially is it working for you
  2. Taxi8


    Hi mate, have you started working with Uber yet? I know Trafford fairly well.

    No it is not working for me.
  3. No not yet, I'm dealing with a number of issues with my current situation...

    To be fair apart from yourself there isn't a great deal of feedback on these forums...

    I'm very grateful for your insight its much appreciated. I hope there's a turnaround in your situation soon...

    I will continue to keep asking for views and would appreciate others if they are actually out there...

    Lots to think about thats for sure.
  4. Taxi8


    Sadly, it could be your situation soon too.

    There is work in Trafford. All the way from Old Trafford to Hale and everywhere in between.
    If you start your working day in Trafford (Altrincham) then you will gradually get jobs that will take you all over Greater Manchester. Let's say you got a job from the Cheshire Tap to Prestwich. It would be best to take a job in Prestwich. That job may take you to Bury, and so on.
    If you turned yourself offline when out of Trafford and headed back there, it would not work out very well. Lost time is lost money (the last thing you need to do with Uber working on such low rates.)

    If you start work everyday in Trafford, then you will see that there are plenty of people using Uber. Here's the problem though: The job requests (pings) you receive are frequently nowhere near where you are.

    Example: You are sat outside Tesco Altrincham for 5 minutes. You get a request for a job 5 mins away. You wait 4 mins for customer to come out. The job goes only around the corner (£1.87.) And takes 6 mins (traffic, lights.) You then get a request from M+S in Sale. 12 minute drive to get there. 2 mins for customer to come out. The job goes to Barrington road, 10 mins away (£4.) Then a job from PureGym to Park road Timperley (£3.)
    You might then get a request from Wythenshawe Hospital or even further away.

    As you can imagine, All that takes an hour and you only took £9. . . . Then there's your possibly huge costs to deduct. Car rental, fuel, maintenance, miscellaneous costs. £££££.
    The bottom line is that working in the suburbs, the jobs are not necessarily near where you are. Time getting to pickups eats into your already low earnings. That's why many drivers always gradually head back towards Manchester city centre.

    Surge pricing is a huge con, as many experienced drivers will tell you. If you get a surge priced it will invariably not be going very far.
    The more affluent areas of Trafford are well known for their penny pinching ways, and will just wait until the surge goes off.

    Also, once you get into the backwoods of Trafford, you will realise that working with Uber will make you extremely unpopular with other private hire drivers and Black Cabs. They will let you know about it at some point.

    The hours you suggested working, 45 hours a week on days. Let's say 48 weeks per year, rigorously sticking to your hours. Owning a car already. . .

    You are looking at earning £16k per year once all is said and done. . . And you'll be working like a dog to do it.

    Uber is a huge scam.
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  5. It’s not it’s a huge scam. Manchester just doesn’t have the pulling power, economy or demand like other major cities.
  6. Amingo


    sto kport
    Manchester is a decent area for uber, it depends what hours you are doing, I do 5am to 11am then 6pm to 11pm and I make £160-£180. Then Friday and Saturday you can make more
  7. mods1964


    £15 per hour less expensives of fuel, insurance, Maintenance, cleaning etc. On a split shift 11 hour day/ night, peak time is not great is it ,, Presumably already taken out uber 25% and car rental/purchase or you should be calling the police !
  8. Does that mean you make £80 to £90 on each shift or is one better then other
  9. Amingo


    sto kport
    You can start at 3:00am and by 2:00am you can make £150+.

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