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Uber Drivers in Taiwan Can Now Be Turned in to the Police for a Cash Reward

Discussion in 'News' started by LetteJockey, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. More than 1 million people in Taiwan have downloaded the ride-hailing app, but the government is cracking down
    Until last week, Owen Lee made good earnings working overtime as an Uber driver in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, to boost his modest monthly salary as a marketing agent for a restaurant website.

    By driving over 150 hours a month, Lee, 28, could make up to $1,250 — roughly two-thirds of his regular salary — giving him disposable income for travel and savings for the first time.

    But on Friday, he abruptly gave it up after the Taiwanese government not only introduced some of the largest fines against Uber in the world, but also launched financial rewards for anyone who turns drivers in.

  2. Jermin8r89

    Jermin8r89 Well-Known Member

    So we get ****ted on by corprate.
    Our riders r whiney rude and no tips
    Our rates get slashed
    Travis is a wuss cuz of trump
    Now ur passagers can do a citzen arrest?!
    Oh yea and a guy named brock osweiler QB of hoiston texans gets $70 mil for not knowing how to throw!!!

    The times we live in in 2017. U play sports or a family to politian\CEO then u fighting for a liveing.

    U try to make a liveing now u arrested i cant help but laugh at that cuz its unbelievable
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