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Uber Drivers in Canada Strike starting December 17th because of Boosts.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Michael Buckley, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Hey Everyone. Please READ This message.

    In Nova Scotia they also have dropped boosts. I have connected with a LOT of uber drivers here and we now have a group using whatsapp to communicate with each other. We are adding more drivers every day and we are all Banning together and going on Strike on December the 17th to protest the crappy boosts. No driver here in Nova Scotia will be going online until boosts are fixed. We might not have as many drivers like Toronto does but we still have enough to put a stop to all orders here in Nova Scotia. We are asking that all our fellow Uber Eats drivers across Canada Join us in this Cause and Strike with us Starting on December 17th and it will last until they put the boosts back up. If we all do this together Uber will have 1 of 2 choices. Put boosts back up to the normal rates or lose a lot of money on orders not being delivered. This will also upset a lot of restaurants and their customers. UBER COMPANY is Estimated to be worth 120 MILLION Dollars. Yet they are down to paying us Peanuts for our deliveries. Lets Stand Together and Work together as a unified group and strike until they put the boosts back to at least 1.5 1.6 and 1.7 like it was just over a week ago. We here in Nova Scotia where happy with those numbers. If you want to join our Whatsapp group you can message me or add me to friends and i'll send you an invite.

    While most people think it’s not possible and will have zero effect, that’s exactly what Uber is hoping you’re saying to yourself. They thrive when everyone thinks as an individual and not together. They love defeatist attitude. However there have been worthwhile strikes and protests; for example look at the UberEATS couriers in Europe who have held multiple strikes that made the news and have at least raised public/government awareness to the wrongs done by Uber. So it starts with a spark which if successful will grow to a raging fire
  2. Vavvav


    Niagara Falls
    So end result? Still don't see a boost.
  3. I took the day off and still don’t see any changes to Uber have you contacted the person at Uber that was suppose to come down from head office?
  4. WE had a good meeting with head office. Boosts here are not dropping any lower. They will start going up in the new year. They are fixing some issues with the app and also moving the TIP option from the end of the delivery process to when the customer actually orders and it will ask them if they want to tip the driver at the time of placing the order. That will increase tips because as most of us know a lot of the times customers don't even see the tip option at the end because they are eating and never go back to the app until they want to order again and then see it and realise ops i didn't tip and don't bother at that time. They are going to be expanding here in Halifax. They are going to increase the area. They also know they need someone out there recruiting restaurants and stop waiting for word of mouth for them to join. They also need to have someone go to the new restaurants and show them how to use and setup the equipment instead of someone from the phillapines trying to do it across the phone. I told them that is a big complain from restaurants. They fully understand that their support people are horrible.
  5. potato


    No offence, but I'm pretty sure all of this was lip service on their part.
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  6. Rdy4thdl


    Wait. So an Uber driver contacted head office and they sent someone to meet with an Uber driver? Wtf? That is unheard level of service and responsiveness from Uber (to me anyway). Please fill in the rest of this story as it seems unthinkable to me that this happened. And this meeting happened and they revealed "plans" to an Uber driver? I'm in shock hearing this......
  7. Read the original poster’s post he said he contacted Uber and someone was suppose to go down to meet with them? I don’t know if it happened. I don’t live there just it was a shock to read that’s why I asked if the head office guy showed up or not?
  8. Vavvav


    Niagara Falls
    A driver in Nova Scotia organized a sit in or a one day protest and Uber caught wind and sent out an executive. I saw some 1.3 boost and up to 1.6 boost promos over NYE but it was for 5 days and will no longer exist in a week. Lots of talk in the meeting but as far as I was informed nothing formal has changed. Uber will periodically roll out some boosts but nothing permanent. In other words Uber doesn't care about driver concerns and they will not pay boosts if they don't have to. Get used to making $3.50 a delivery. It will now take you 30 deliveries, or 15 hours to make $100. Less then $10 per hour.

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