Uber, drivers in battle over the right to opt out of UberPool trips


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Either I am a employee that gets told what to do or I am a "rideshare" partner that's providing a
service which helps make the environment green and helps make the world full of peace and
love, who give's out hundreds of dollars of free water/gum/candy every year from his own pocket
so Uber the angel among all corporation's gets a real positive image for free :rolleyes:

Rideshare Partner/Independent Contractor who may be let go on the whims and fancies of Foober
or customers
(due to a toxic environment created by Foober policies, aka bs rating system, no tipping, advertising
to customers about free water paid for by the rideshare partner causing drama etc)
can also pick and choose which assignment's I like to work on because I am not being provided
with the safety net/benefits of a employee who has a weekly/monthly salary which does not
also fluctuate with the whims and fancies of Fuboor


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You'll notice none of the major outlets ever pick up on stories like this, that portray Uber as they are, employers. The only ones that pick up on Uber's employer proving antics are non major news outlets. We all know that the Huffington Post will now no longer report on anything negative with Arianna Huffington being named to the Uber board.

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Uber is "constantly working on ways to improve the experience" for drivers and users, -eh? If they want us to accept Uber Stool, they must make it profitable.

Before 2008, when Washington cabs did not have meters, the Regulations allowed the drivers to take on additional passengers, under certain strict rules. Each passenger, or group of passengers, paid the full fare to the driver. There was a reason for this.

The only use that I have for Uber Stool is to boost my trips taken in pursuit of reaching a quota for an incentive programme. Other than that, I will not accept those trips. Uber can keep sending me nastygrams and can keep sending me to stand in the virtual corner for whatever time (that is why they invented Lyft). Until Uber makes it profitable for the driver, does not afford the user an opportunity to rate and institutes a policy of ignoring most user complaints on Uber Stool, I will accept those trips only when it suits my purposes.