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Uber Drivers do not want to make $$$$$$

Discussion in 'Philadelphia' started by Danz Haagen, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, sorry if I will offend anyone with this post.

    But, there are so many brainless, mutant uber drivers out there in philadelphia. I see like 100 cars and I assume no one wants to make profit. Eeryone is eager to work below minimum wage.. I was sitting at 2nd st and Girard offline today. There was 3 cars in my area staying online at all times. Then, 2 minutes later there was only 2 cars. Then surge kicked in up to 1.5 I was staying offline because the surge would go up to 2.0 and so on. BUT HECK NO!!!! All of a sudden, I see cars that stayed in other areas chasing the surge. The surge had no any chance to go up to 2.0. 5 minutes later there was like 7 cars within the area staying online at all times..... jesus.... stop being a brainless mutant and stay offline untill the surge is at least 2.0...

    Such idiots. SO when 20 cars leave their area and chase the surge. GUES WHAT HAPPENS, geniuses........ The area that you left starts to surge!!!!!!! is that hard to understand????? So you ending up going back to your previous area chasing the surge, and then you get there, there is no surge. And the area that you just left (again) starts surging.... you are chasing the tail all day.

    Then I see cars cruising down the god damned I-95, and staying online at all times. And I know that it was not the guarantee time, so why the heck they stay online while being in dead end traffic on I-95!!!!!!!! Even if someone pings, while you are stuck on I-95, lets say from spring garden, or new jersey. It would take you at least 20-30 minutes just to get off of i-95!!! mutants!!!!

    just stay in your area offline, and the surge will be there.

    peple complain about the uber paying low, but Uber is not at fault here. drivers are. we are given all the tools to make money.
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  2. Yeah, it's tough to compete with people who don't care if they make any money.
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  3. preab
    preachin' to the choir. i had a bit of success with accept/cancel/other until 2.1 the past few weekends. if everyone would recognize that we CAN negotiate what rates we're willing to work for via surge, we could all make decent money.
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  4. Yeah, so many idiots.

    I did pretty well this weekend rapidly arbitraging lyft and Uber surge rates, sometimes running both at the same time and taking first ping.

    If only Lyft did surge areas as large as Uber, I'd have really made bank with the bonus this week, but I mostly had to switch to Uber for greatest profits.

    I noticed a lot of Lyft drivers doing the same thing, with very few Lyft cars online much of the weekend. Like me they were going Lyft during non surge times, and to hit the bonus hours.

    Lyft should really just do surge areas as unfairly large as Uber's, they'd make more money. Instead they try to be fairer, only surging areas with actual high demand (often just blocks at a time). And that causes drivers to switch back to Uber. Really wish I could have a word with those guys...
  5. Limovan


    Lol, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink...

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