Uber drivers are happy and make $17/hour


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You have the highest rates in the country there. The rest of the country other than new York averages much much less.
That doesn't change the fact that $17/hour in the Bay Area when you factor in the cost of living is similar to about $5/hour in much of the country. So $17 sounds decent but it really isn't much better than elsewhere.


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I accepted a non surge pool by accident and before I could stop requests literally in a millisecond another rider added....crapola.... anyhow I wasn't moving and he texted saying he was late for the airport.... still I not move.... finally they cancel.... then I get a 1.7 surge to FLL from W (I never moved) so I go one block and pick them up....and off we go....in brutal 5pm traffic it took 35 minutes with SE 17 bridge up and horrific traffic on Federal....and after all that Uber pays me $15.98 for that trip...and thats with a 1.7 surge.....imagine that non surge pool? $7 ?

then another 15 minutes back to the beach for the next surge ride...so even with a 1.7 I still only made $16 that hour...sux


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Take it for what it is worth, the person quoted in the article runs a blog about driving or Uber and Lyft.

I have watched this website a lot and it has turned in the last few months like an extension of Uber's PR.

Just last week I tried to put some negative comments about the NEW CEO and his public transportation strategy, with documentation to back up my comments and they removed it.