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Uber driver v Cab Driver

Uber or Cabbie

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Hello Everyone
I am a brand new class 4 driver, I was going to go full time with Uber but after reading a lot of the comments and experiences on here I am having 2nd thoughts.
I had planned to drive full time and I need to make $3,000 per month
Should I stay the course and be an Uber driver or is Cab driving my best bet.
I am single so the hours are not a huge problem within reason.
Your advice would be appreciated.

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If you're willing to pull insane hours (I know people who pull 16 hour shifts, six days a week), then you might achieve that. It all depends on your market's demand, competition and your willingness to drive 80+ hours every week.


done almost 10K+If you are willing to work flexible hours and online a week 60H plus, You good to go .If you are single as you said you don't do baby sitting and kids all that go with taxi because your rent around 600 a week you keep the car with you all the time you don't pay maintenance anything happen you don't care unlikly uber you pay everything . If you are easy person getting stress paying bills stay with uber again, because when you woke up in the morning you have -80 $ after you made 80$ you will start making profit. Still you can make 600 in Sunday night with taxi .Smartest uber driver make 1000 a week in 60H ,there is an other uber drivers make more then that 1500+in 80H+. Good lucky . My profisional account always saying to me end off year I made 11000 after expenses.p.s uber you have to claim tax but unlikly taxi because a lot cash going on. Never been taxi driver .. End of day do your search..


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So Cabbie could be better for me maybe
I appreciate your input
You can't just start being a cabbie. You will need to prove that you have been insures in Canada for 3 years. Then you would have to write a test and do a road test and once that is done, 4 days of training. This will take you more than a week to get it all done.
You will make more money as a cab driver after you get the hang of it.
Uber is easy to get into as that is Uber's attraction.
3 years ago Uber was the love child of the day. Not so much anymore. Riders have been burned on surge charges and drivers who lack experience. Uber will akways be around but what helped it to excel it is the same social media that curtails it.