Uber driver suicide


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This is a serious issue than the authorities have acknowledged.

If the law does not change or there is no better competitor soon, there is going to be more drivers committing suicide in coming weeks.
In the last week, two driver friends told me about their frustration and readiness to commit suicide. I know there are more out there.

TFL and employment court should note that people's livelihoods are at stake and they should regulate Uber based on that, if at all they want to relicense them.

Uber has brought poverty and hopelessness into the land and hopefully, it won't be until after man suicides that the authorities will respond.
The situation is alarming than everyone seem to have realised.

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But I thought Uber drivers were self employed entrepreneurs with multiple side hussles?
Take Taz for example Uber icon and stalwart.
Had a portfolio of properties in Mayfair and around London, countless flash cars and courted many Page 3 models.
Are you telling me he was lying?

Remember these?



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Uber driver tried to jump from London bridge.

Wife of uber driver said "He was gonna do it but thankfully left his sat nav behind".

BC just stopped suddenly to pick up passengers... thinking he’s the only vehicle on the road.:wink:



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......he wanted to hit the water and drown but he misjudged it hit the bridge came back and crumpled on the pavement...........