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Uber driver shot a cop in West Covina


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Background ,drug and most importantly IQ checks,Cadillac Escalade on X platform ?
Hope CHP officer completely recovers from this ordeal
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No panic guys
Another "our hearts and prayers are with the victim..." Statement and everything should be under control on ubers end.


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This will be known in the very near future as the UBER syndrome: Continuous rate cuts, incessant threats of deactivation, ever increasingly abusive riders... will lead to various random acts of violence by drivers...


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Glad the cop that pulled me over probably didn't see this part of the story where the guy who shot at CHP was from uber! Because he let me go just because I drove for UBER lol


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Unless he was driving a pax at the time, the fact that he had an Uber sticker is irrelevent and should not not even have been included in the story.
No more so than if he had a "my child is an honor student" bumper sticker.
Would it have been mentioned if he was driving a taxi?