Uber driver pulls stun gun on passengers


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lol The thing about it is that she didn't really give them a chance to get out. She just stopped the car and started tazing. lol
Its THEIR video they CUT IT

They already got asked to pipe down, choose to leave peacefully if they dont wanna, or face the consequences

Btw, well done lady!!!


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This was just beautiful. Disrespectful rude customers keep treating drivers like crap and you'll see a lot more of this. With the current pay levels drivers will be going postal more now than ever. I absolutely love her telling them to get out of my sheet. They're trying to tell her it's her job but she' not putting up with their crap. Bravo.

Uber has really became the preferred mode of transportation for those too lazy to ride the bus and the ones that are so petty and rude that their friends and family will no longer drive them anywhere. Uber on folks it's only going to get worse.