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uber driver meltdown


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Yep - both people are dysfunctional in their own special ways.

I'm assuming she was annoying before the video started. Obviously they driver had lost all composure by the time the video started.

It looks like the issue was that he is simply at the wrong entrance to the hospital. Big deal, he is at an entrance - that is the destination that was input. The pax repeatedly asking "can you please tell me where my destination is?" was the wrong thing to ask and, in my opinion, was annoying as hell. What kind of person would continue to provoke a situation like that?
She could have simply got out, or asked to be taken to the emergency entrance.
The passenger was taken to her destination (the hospital). Both were at wrong here though. But she could have just gotten out of the car, give him a 1 star and moved on. But no let's provoke him. Stupid. And he could have simply just looked for the ER exit and 1-starred her.

On a side note, he had a tip sign haha.

Cary Grant

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She's trespassing when she refused to exit. That's a crime.

I empathize with the driver, even though he lost control. I know where he's coming from. The sofa king we tall did types that make you wait exactly five minutes, finally get in the car, and then behave like beasts, damage car interiors and exteriors, intentionally spilling drinks, exposing their genitals, cussing and insulting drivers, making demands for speed and other illegal actions. I'd wager a dollar and win that the pax deserved this treatment, in spades.

I've never blown up at my pax, but I've had several that refused to exit. I trespassed every single one, and then dialed 911. At that point, they bolt like the criminals they are.

If I made a video of all the bad pax behaviors I've personally witnessed, I'd have a full-length feature film of the worst America has to offer, and probably have enough footage left over for several sequels. The tossers in Uber Mecca have no earthly idea how bad it can be out here.


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...she became very calm and composed once she turned on her own camera

Wonder what she would have done if he just asked once for her to exit...then inform her he was driving the the nearest police station...while on with 911.
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