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Uber driver is arrested after guns and drugs are found in Glendale home, police say


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Selling drugs = $$$
Uber on the side = extra $
An arsenal of weaponry to protect yourself with loads of cash just layin' around.. sucks that he's getting felony just for trying to make harmless living.


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Some really go to extremes for 5 stars...good thing to discuss when the PAX bring it up. Oh ya I knew that guy with the guns, he said he was going to clip out on any PAX who gave him 4-stars.


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All that cash and ubering, maybe that was his repair fund

When I first saw the news earlier I did think it was arto71 for like a second
Then I was like naaah


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I hope he wasn't Armenian oh God please don't let him be Armenian I live in Glendale to. Fuukk he is Armenian dammmit. OMG homeboy had 20gs cash at home what a fkn moron he can kiss that cash good buy idiot posted bail. Dume @@@@ bro karma got his ass selling those drugs to other people ruining there lives. All that money he made went away that's what happens when God punishes u woow can't Beleive it
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Homeboys name is artak lol and his mugshot looks like GPD tossed his ass around he got a marks on his eyes.