Uber Driver Forced DePaul Prof Out Of Car, Injuring Her, She Says [VIDEO]


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"Get out of my car right now," the driver can be heard saying. " ... Get the f--- out my car."

Kim responds, "Do you even know who the f--- I am?"

The driver responds, "I don't care. Get your a-- out of my car."

"I will. Just get the f--- off me," Kim says. "I told you three times," the driver says.

NORTH PARK — A DePaul University professor says she was hurt when she was forcibly removed from an Uber Thursday when her driver refused to take her to Wrigley Field.

Lily Kim, an adjunct professor at DePaul University's Driehaus College of Business, shared a video to her Facebook page Thursday evening showing an Uber driver telling her to get out of the car and the altercation that follows, which Kim says led her to sustain "serious injuries."

Kim commented on the Facebook post that the driver accepted Kim's ride request to got to the Cubs game vs. the Dodgers, but then changed her mind about driving to Wrigley Field. Kim said she did not want to get out of the car because she was alone and unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

A DePaul adjunct professor says she was attacked by an Uber driver who refused to take her to Wrigley Field.

She posted on Facebook of a cut on her face after the incident with the caption, "Thanks Uber for punching me in the face and scratching me... #GhettoB----." The picture was taken at the Cubs game.

She also posted a photo of a gold chain with the caption, "Uber your driver beat me up, broke my necklace and my diamond cross is now gone."

According to Chicago Police, Kim filed a report stating that at 6:30 p.m. in the 3900 block of West Bryn Mawr Ave., while a passenger with a ride-sharing service, she became involved in a verbal altercation with the 41-year-old female driver. The driver then struck Kim in the face, the report says. Kim refused medical attention, police said.

Kim called a press conference on the incident Friday afternoon, but later canceled it, saying she was "physically unable to attend."

Kim was born and raised in Chicago and has worked as a news anchor for a Korean TV station and as a public relations agent and more during her 20-year career, according to the DePaul business school website. She also worked as a public information specialist for the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk.

Uber issued a statement saying the driver can no longer work for the service
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I wouldn't call the injuries serious, appears no medical attention was required. Kim should just put her big boy pants on and move on. Driver was clearly in the wrong. If the pax is attempting to exit you have to allow them time to do so. If they refuse to exit you really have no choice but to call the police.


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Why? I mean, why did the driver get so angry like that? Any backstory?

I only see the driver didn't want to take her to Wrigley Field. That has no meaning to me.


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can't see anything in this ridiculous video at all, what's the point making a video if you're going to point it at the ground

also, does this professor see how embarrassing posting this video makes her look ? if the driver wants you out, just get out

i would just call the police 'though, let her get embarrassed

Side Hustle

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guessing Kim refused to exit when asked the first 2 times, which we don't see. We see the 3rd and final request, driver wasn't going to ask a 4th.
"Driver wasn't going to ask for a 4th" LOL This is every drivers wet dream-throwing the b*tch out LOL

I thought it was amusing when Kim said "Do you know who I am"


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"Get the ...... out my car"

The movie.

Starring Woopie Goldberg coming to a theater near you Christmas 2018