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Uber driver 'creeped out' after passenger s

Discussion in 'News' started by Uberdamsel, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Uber driver 'creeped out' after passenger shows up at his home.

    ROCKY MOUNT, North Carolina --
    The ride-sharing company Uber is investigating a complaint from a driver who claims a passenger found his personal information through its app.

    Lee Green, an Uber driver for two years, said a rider named Steven showed up at his front door the morning after a late-night ride looking for a lost debit card.

    "It's a complete invasion of privacy and my personal space," Green told ABC11. "It feels like being violated. It's a major violation and it has me utterly creeped out."

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    How safe are we then if this is true?
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  2. I've had it happen as well.

    Was a total WTF moment
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  3. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    You are never safe. I believe carrying a gun is good policy.

    I am not afraid of Uber passengers, or anyone else for that matter, showing up at my door. If I'm home they'll need to be peaceful or respect peace through superior firepower. If I'm not home they're on camera.

    Realistically it doesn't much matter if Uber tells them where you live... if they have your license plate number, they can easily find out. I have more than one acquantaince who knows a cop that will look up this information for them.
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  4. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    How stupid can pax be? If you lose your card, call your bank and a new card will be issued immediately.
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  5. ubernonpro


    cant really do much if accepting rides from your house unless the app stops showing cars & just starts showing minutes

    i know where every local early morning driver lives or sleeps in there car at but tbey don't last long lol but if one started to poach rides from me would be easy to lose nails from time to time making them give up but most have real jobs & schedules so really cant compete

    ive even watched their patterns on riders app they circle a few times, give up go back home, get a ping i rejected or cancel & pop back up in a few minutes, some that try to stage at hotels ir certain spots near by, be there hours & i watch what neighborhood they return to early mornings its not a lot to keep track of, but by 7 theres max the app will show haha most none live in this area its 600+K for a condo
  6. WillyG


    Creepy circle complete, ladies and gentleman...
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  7. ubernonpro


    creepy ok i call it market research

    if no drivers i can save a destination filter

    if lots of drivers can use it

    if lots of drivers & im getting ping theres a reason their passing on it

    if tons of drivers i know why im not getting pings

    if just me and a couple drivers & im not getting pings & they still there hours i know its a slow day not the app

    all while in my home while most of them burning gas staying warm/cold....

    if i dont feel like taking another but i see a local pop up take it so he doesn't get it ensuring failure


    the more you know

    its why im in the top 1% not the 96%
  8. uberdriverfornow


    Physically impossible. Guaranteed hoax.

    The really funny thing about this hoax is how exactly the guy "grabbed his debit card"......how exactly ? Did the driver open his door with the guys debit card in his hand ? Or how exactly did he get it out of the guys car ?

    Now if the story said he left his cell phone in the guys car, sure. We've heard that many times and you can track the gps in a cell phone.
  9. Hi my name is Lee and I am the person this actually happened to. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A TRUE STORY. And to address your comment. The passenger knocked on my door at 7:30am,5hrs after his trip was completed. I live with my grandmother who is 84 and has dementia. she answered the door. She came to wake me up stating “there’s someone at the door who says u gave him a ride last night and he left his debit card in your car”. Utterly FREAKED OUT I jumped up and ran to the door. THIS MAN WAS NOW STANDING IN MY ****ING KITCHEN. I got him out of my home and when I checked my car, his card was wedged in between my backseats. He took his card and proceeded to walk down my drive way and down the ****ing street. I called Uber IMMEDIATELY and reported it and was given the run around by the outsourced help center agents reading off a script, for the next 12 hours before I was able to speak to someone in the actual “safety dept”. This was only after I threatened to file a police report, contact my attorney, and reach out to local media resources. The news did not tell the entire story and after a 20min interview, they used about 3 sentences of the whole story.

    So how about u stop being a @@@@@@ and acknowledge that this was a complete violation of privacy and breech of Ubers contract and that they in fact do absolutely nothing to protect you or I as drivers.
    How would u feel??

    Have a nice day.

    It was me this happened too and we are not safe whatsoever. And Uber does very little to help. The outsourcing to the Philippines makes communication almost impossible because all the agents are doing is reading from a script. It took 12 hours to even get to speak to the safety department and as of yet I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN ANY ANSWERS FROM UBER.
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  10. uberdriverfornow


    Yeah, real funny, but no.

    There is no way a rider can get the address of a driver from the Uber app. No way, no how. You can tell your story all you want.

    If you were smart you woulda said the rider left something in your car that they tracked. Then it would sound believable.
  11. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    So a person knocks on your front door and you think its invasion of privacy? Most residency is public knowledge. Hell, your home lien and property tax liability is public knowledge. I can go into my county's plat book and see the name and address of every single homeowner in Phoenix. What the hell do you think that Recording Fee is when you're signing papers at escrow, the fee for making a record with Lady Gaga?

    If you're that paranoid about the public knocking on your front door then build a block wall around your property and place No Trespassing signs up. Just don't shoot the little Girl Scout when she knocks on your door selling cookies.
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  12. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    On a whim, we willingly accept strangers into our vehicles. You expect an app-providing technology company to keep you safe? o_O
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  13. Dude your an idiot. It happened and your need to invalidate this situation is irrelevant. Facts are fact. I just pray that the same never happens to you man. Be blessed.

    The “little Girl Scout” should have followed the proper procedures that Uber has set in place for retrieval of lost items. Uber needs to be aware of the evident glitches in their security structures
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  14. uberdriverfornow


    Nobody is invalidating anything. It can only be invalidated if it actually happened and there is no evidence that it did.

    I love the "be blessed" comment immediately after you called someone an idiot. Sounds genuine.

    The only way this happens to me is if they leave something in my car since I know I can't be tracked through the app.

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