Uber driver charged with failing to transfer a blind man and service dog, and battery.


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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —An Uber driver who deputies say refused to transport a blind man and his service dog in Orlando has been arrested.

According to an arrest report, the driver Simon Nau, arrived to pick up Robert StigleMonday night at a restaurant on International Drive.

According to an arrest report, when Nau saw that Stigle had a service dog he said, “I don’t take dogs.”

Stigle told the driver the animal was for service and not a pet. The driver replied by stating that he “did not care.”



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How hypocritical to arrest an Uber driver for supposedly not following a transportation regulation when Uber drivers in themselves don't adhere to any regulations already since everyone likes a cheap fare....just sayin'


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I absolutely hate the fact that a driver would refuse to transport a service animal, provided it is a service animal however how the hell is that a criminal act ?

I can't find an article that makes it clear he was arrested for hitting the blind man and not for refusing service to him.


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Refusing to haul the dog is a civil matter, not criminal. Striking the person with the vehicle is criminal.

Not according to the news story, although it wouldn't be the first time the media got something wrong.

Apparently, according to one TV outlet, he was pinched for failure to transport a blind person with a service dog, as well as battery.

I'd say the first charge is more solid as a criminal case. Hitting someone with your car is usually a civil matter unless you did it on purpose.


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Dumb ass, if you don't want animals in your car, why even stop? Just drive on, cancel no charge, go off line with self exposed time out. Can't fix stupid.