Uber Driver Carjacked, Kidnapped in Detroit


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Unfortunate reminder that little "Good" happens at 3:54 in the morning... Glad to see the driver defended himself enough to escape alive...


Detroit police are investigating after an Uber driver was kidnapped and carjacked on the city's west side early Sunday morning.

According to police, the suspect ordered an Uber around 3:54 a.m. in the area of Schoolcraft and Schaefer. The driver, a 30-year-old man in a 2008 Lincoln Navigator then picked the suspect up.

That's when police say the suspect ordered the victim to drive to a nearby Chase Bank and withdraw $2,000 from the ATM.

The victim then gave the suspect $120 in cash of his own money, and wrestled the gun away from the suspect. The suspect was able to get control of the vehicle and took off, and the victim rolled out of the vehicle uninjured.

Police are looking for a black male, 5-feet-5-inches tall, weighing 110 pounds with short hair, light complexion and clean shaven.

They are also looking for the black Navigator.

A spokeswoman for Uber released this statement: "We've reached out to the partner-driver to check on his wellbeing and stand ready to provide police with any information needed for their investigation."

Detroit Police also confirm a report was filed involving a Lyft driver Saturday night.

In a Facebook post, a man claiming to be a Lyft Driver said he was terrorized by two men with guns posing as passengers and stated, “I was held hostage for around an hour and assaulted with the gun. I will no longer be driving. Please stay safe.”

He stated it happened on Fielding, also on Detroit’s west side.

7 Action News made several attempts to contacted the person who posted the comment. No one returned our calls.

It is not clear if these two cases are connected.

Anyone with information on either case is asked to call the Detroit Police Department’s Commercial Auto Theft Unit at (313) 596-2555.
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O.P. updated to include claim from a Lyft driver via social media... That's odd... if I'm that Lyft driver and that happened to me, I'm not taking the time to write a well thought out social media post - I'm working with Lyft and police to get situation resolved...


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  1. I also drive in Detroit for Uber and Lyft I was out Saturday night and I will say it was a crazy night out there. I seen at least 3 fights including one at Greektown casino a man got jumped right in the middle of the street. I have only had one thing happen to me down there tho and that was a man acting like he knew me and tried to get into my car while I had a rider in the car. All I said was I would not do that if I was you and he walked away.


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Here is the pic from Greektown fight


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Looks like local TV station caught up with the driver... There's a video (interview?) but I can't play on my tablet...


An Uber driver who was terrorized by a thief had enough and fought back against an armed suspect.

MD Harun Ali was driving for Uber early Sunday morning when he was called to give a ride near Grand River and Schoolcraft. But it wasn't a normal fare and when the passenger got in the car, he pulled on a gun on him.

He showed me a gun, and he said don't call police don't do anything. Stop here and give me key," Ali said. "I gave him my wallet - my key and I said don't shoot me."

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    The man demanded cash - and lots of it - $1,500 to be exact. But Harun doesn’t have it, so the gunman orders him into the passenger seat and drives to an ATM.

    Then he ordered Ali to call a friend. He did and said he's been in an accident and needs help. As he was waiting for his friend, Ali decided to fight back.

    "He pulled his gun from his thigh and I pulled his gun," Ali said.

    He poked the guy in the eye and wrestled the gun away from him. Then he pointed at the man's chest and did what many wouldn't think they could: he pulled the trigger.

    "I fire, no bullets," Ali said.

    The gun wasn't loaded. The armed robbery suspect was holding a gun without any ammunition.


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The LYFT Jackers were caught after committing a robbery in another part of the state after getting caught fleeing with what the Lyft driver's car from Detroit... The Uber Jacker (that led the Navigator to the ATM to withdraw $2,000 before driving off in the Navigator) is still at large...


Two arrested after 50-mile, 4-county police chase

James David Dickson, The Detroit News
9:12 a.m. EDT August 10, 2016

was allegedly held at gunpoint, forced to punch out cash from an ATM, and hand over both the cash and his black Lincoln Navigator to a man he picked up, according to police.

State police arrested two men suspected in the carjacking of a Lyft driver in Detroit on Saturday and a strong-arm robbery at Soaring Eagle Casino on Tuesday after a roughly 50-mile chase through four counties Tuesday afternoon.

Trouble began for the suspects about 3 p.m. Tuesday when they allegedly displayed a weapon and forced a woman at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant to hand over her purse, said Lt. Dave Kaiser of the Michigan State Police.

Tribal police and the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office pursued the men into Midland County, and that pursuit continued into Bay County. When the chase reached Saginaw County, Michigan State Police took over, trying on “numerous” occasions to drop stop sticks in the path of the silver four-door Kia, which law-enforcement networks reported as stolen out of Detroit, but the car continued on its getaway, Kaiser said.

In the end, troopers used a precision immobilization technique to spin out the Kia. The car was disabled in the front yard of a Comfort Inn, Kaiser said. All told, the chase covered about 50 miles, Kaiser said.

The suspects fled the vehicle, but troopers gave chase, including a K-9 officer, which caught one suspect while troopers caught the other. The man caught by the K-9 was briefly treated at a hospital, and both men are in the Saginaw County Jail, pending multiple felony charges, Kaiser said.

The Kia was allegedly stolen about 8:30 p.m. Saturday when a Lyft driver looking for a fare picked up one of the suspects on the 19300 block of Schoolcraft, according to police. Once inside the Kia, police say the suspect allegedly pulled a handgun and robbed and assaulted the driver, forcing him to flee the vehicle.

The suspect was joined by a second young man, and both drove away in the Kia, said Officer Nicole Kirkwood of the Detroit Police Department.

While the men arrested Tuesday were allegedly found in possession of the stolen Kia, Detroit police have yet to confirm that those two men are the same two suspected in the carjacking, Kirkwood said.

The car has been impounded in Saginaw County, and will be turned over to Detroit police as the case is adjudicated, police say. It will eventually be returned to its owner.

Last weekend was a rough one for drivers seeking fares near Schoolcraft.

Just hours after the alleged carjacking of the Lyft driver, and just 3 miles up the road, an Uber driver picking up a fare in the area of Schoolcraft and Schaefer was allegedly held at gunpoint, forced to punch out cash from an ATM, and hand over both the cash and his black Lincoln Navigator to a man he picked up, according to police.

Police describe the suspect in that case as a black male in his late 20s, 5 feet 5 inches tall and 110 pounds.
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