Uber Driver Carjacked In Detroit.

Squirming Like A Toad

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This sounds like a suspicious story.

Victim was forced to withdraw $2K in cash from an ATM. What ATM gives you $2K in cash in one dump?

Carjacker was 5'5" and 110#. That's a punching bag for me, violent crime is not the business he should be in.

Victim claims he wrestled the gun from the suspect and rolled out of the car. Why would he need to do that if he disarmed the suspect?

I can understand a guy with a Lincoln being carjacked by someone who calls for Premium service with the intent of carjacking, but someone who does that is going to want the car and to get rid of the driver as quickly as possible before everything goes to hell, not drive around with him, get himself in surveillance videos and all the stuff that will end his adventure.
I was thinking it sounded suspicious too.

There was another one in Detroit same night supposedly the guy was held hostage for an hour.

Are these guys trying to get something from lyft/uber