Uber Driver Carjacked and Kidnapped

Another Uber Driver

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I know a cab driver or two to whom that has happened. One of them even was paid by the crooks.

He picked them up on a call, they got in, pulled a gun and told him to drive here, there and everywhere while they robbed businesses and people. They made a couple of drug buys, as well. Finally, he got them to the last stop, one of the crooks asked him how much it was. This was in the days before meters. Since they had pulled a gun on him when he got in, he did not write down anything on his trip sheet. The passengers had gone to a couple of places in D.C. and P. G. County. He pulled a figure out of his head. One crook reached into a paper bag, pulled out a wad of money, counted out some, threw it onto the front seat then joined his accomplice who already had started running down the street.

The driver went to call the police, but they told him that they were looking for him, already. One of the businesses that the crooks had robbed had a camera in the parking lot which had picked up the cab and its number. The police took the money as evidence and never did give it back to the driver.


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Jedi Driver . . . There will be drivers who say this is a one-in-a-million chance of this happening again. Others "carry" & think they know what they would do in such a situation.
No one really knows what they will do unless faced with the situation.

Some police depts have an "orientation" for cabbies. Part of it is sizing up the person(s) you are to pickup. I need to check with Houston to see if they have such a program.