Uber driver banned from Perth Airport after public defecation


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An Uber driver has been banned from picking up passengers at Perth Airport after the driver defecated in one of the rideshare holding bays.

Radio 6PR's Morning host Gareth Parker obtained an email from Uber to the driver which claimed their access to the airport would be "revoked immediately" because they were spotted by a Perth Airport staffer defecating near Horrie Miller Drive within the Terminal One and Two precincts on Tuesday morning.



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As the email was posted on this forum by the driver involved it's not surprising it ended up in the media.
I'm not defending the act. Is there possibly he was ill?
Also a holding area without toilets?
Are drivers in Perth paying a levy at the airport?
Cabs in Adelaide etc. pay a 2 dollars levy on every fare to cover the cost of amenities such as toilets.


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Drivers don't pay a levy in Perth, the customer does!
People that act like this ill or not give me the shits! Pun intended.
I'm over 60 and never had to shit in a freaking car park.

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Yes we do need toilets at the holding area but in the meantime go to T2 and take advantage of 10 mins free parking. And you retain your position in the queue.

Also, Why don't the Airports Corp zoom their cameras in on the bins! Lately they are all full and overflowing with garbage blowing around the car park.