Uber Driver App won't work though active


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(The last message sent to Uber)

Driver app issue. When ONLINE in Driver App, vehicle does not show in Rider App, as it should. Thus, no fares for many days.

Attempted solutions: Logged out and in, both apps. Uninstalled and reinstalled, both apps, three times. Reset phone. Powered phone off and back on. Even deleted all data and reset phone. Most revealing, used my Driver Account on another person’s phone. Same results.

For proof. Can screenshot Rider App while Driver App is ONLINE. (You can determine the status of both accounts. Need to prove the situation.) When both addresses are the same the Rider App should show a vehicle and a time of “2 min.”

Something doesn’t work. Please call me We can do procedures for proof and solution.
Lost much money.

Has this happened to you or other drivers. What happened? Please suggest a solution.


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The same thing has happened to me. I tried all the same things you did and have the same results. The uber help people are no help at all. If you find out anything please let me know. sorry i'm not posting to help, i just wanted you to know you aren't the only one.


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Just went through this - it's a pretty widespread problem.

I bet I sent at least 50 emails over the 4 days it took them to fix it.