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Uber Drive of Shame!

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Texas4life577, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Texas4life577

    Texas4life577 Active Member

    My favorite time to drive is early Sunday morning. I call it the Uber Drive of shame! Most of my paxs are trying to get back to their cars or their homes from a night of drinking and partying. My favorite Pax was a 21 year old female . She lives in a apartment complex. When I arrived at the pick up location she asked me to drive her to a bar that her car should had been. But no car. Then she had me drive to two different locations which were also bar establiments but again no car. Then next to her friends house. You guess it no car. I mention to her maybe her car was stolen or towed. She asked me to drive her back to her apartment complex . So as she got out of my car she then realize her car was there right next to where I picked her up initially. She had walked right pass her car to get into mine. She must had one great night.
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  2. NWO_Watcher

    NWO_Watcher Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
  3. mrpjfresh

    mrpjfresh Well-Known Member

    Asheville, NC
    Uber is often credited for cutting down on DUI rates but lesser known is its impact on reducing the number women walking home on Saturday and Sunday mornings in fancy dresses.

    In your case, seems like this girl is in the habit of car retrieval, which is a good thing, relatively speaking. Hopefully, she didn't drive it home this time. In my case, a comely young guy, at almost 4am, who looked at me funny when I asked him personal details about his dog and his affinity for cannabis. This was our third time together, I informed him, and funny enough, this was the third different young ladies' place. A regular casanova right there :)
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  4. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    I love when I get them slinking out of some guy's house at 7 am sun morning, still half drunk in last nights clothes.
  5. ShawnsUber

    ShawnsUber Well-Known Member

    Even better when it's only "some" of last nights clothes.

    Stuck foot in mouth one Sunday morning. Pax name was Dawn, she was super nice and asked how I was. My not to well thought out reply was "I love waking up to the crack of Dawn":).

    At first I thought she was gonna kill me, then she cracked up, gave me a huge hug, and thanked me for saving her from "Jacks" hairy balls lol.

    Got a phone number, a nice hug, and smelled like the crack of Dawn for the remainder of the day.

  6. Dannyboss

    Dannyboss Active Member

    My GF did something like that when we were in college hahaha
  7. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    That was Jacks hairy balls you smelled....

    Nice... yeah my favorite was a late 20s early 30s woman, very pretty. picked her up about 8am on Sat or Sun am. She texted me to not pull in the driveway or get out of the car and if I could text her as I'm almost there. I did.

    I texted, and pulled in front of the house, she comes sneaking out the front door, shoes in her hand, hair a cluster F, still above the legal limit judging by the smell.

    She got in the front, I asked how she was doing, she just groaned... I said rough night huh? Silence... then 10 minutes into the ride she says "God I'm such a slot, I have to stop drinking."

    I just said "yeah, I remember those days"

    More silence... then out of nowhere she says, "he was so effing ugly why so I do shots? "

    She was hot too, a little weathered but...

    Ugly dude scored a nice one.
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  8. yojimboguy

    yojimboguy Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Jeez, I oughta carry a bottle of rye and a couple of shot glasses -- both glasses for her.
  9. dirtylee

    dirtylee Well-Known Member

    You start realizing everyone else gets more action than you....

    :( I've given a ride to 2 pax whom apparently had a 3 some with some guy. :oops:
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