Uber down, call for backup!


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It;s been super flakey today, but so has this website... hmmm I wonder if theres a connection.

the pax app started showing me surge again and the driver apps been using the old heat maps. I'm guessing uber is under a network attack by Chinese hackers or they are effing around with the app again because too many pax complained about surge not being clearly displayed.


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I figured once the partner app crashed this site got overloaded with people trying to get insight on what was going on. Leading to this one being unaccesible also due to increased traffic.


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As a result of the outage, I got a credit from Uber. Pretty swell.

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I'll tell you a little story about this "technology" company. About six or seven weeks ago Uber updated their shitty website. In doing so, they screwed up the Rewards page. It no longer has links to any of the rewards, including managing the fuel card if you have one. There is instead a picture of an Asian fella with a huge mole on his nose.

After going back and forth in email with Uber like usual and even telling them that guy should get that mole looked at by a doctor lol (yes of course I said that!), they finally copped to it and said oh, we made an error when updating our website and it should be fixed shortly and they gave me a direct link to the fuel card management page.

Flash forward to going on two months now and Mole Man is still there, the poor bastard, no links to rewards and nowhere on the site can you find a link to the actual rewards, everything takes you to Mole Man. I think I am going to email Uber again about starting a GoFundMe for that guy to get that thing removed and tested, it's pretty gross!