Uber didn't even give me a kiss


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Pool is a winning product now. Whether you're shuffling or hiding around the block or just filling the car for the long DF commute, since nobody has to take them for acceptance rate purposes, everyone can OPT OUT. It's unfortunate that it has to be on a trip by trip basis, but...hey, we can all do our part to ignore it now with no repercussions.


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At least you weren't THIS guy!

I'm relatively new to the whole ubering situation but I just got taken for a ride by this Corp. I started back in March mostly doing airport runs after work. This past Wed. I got a ping @ 1:30am for my final run of the night. When the pax got in I asked the usual questions about their night and where they were heading. The response was "your taking all my money right now!" I looked on my app and the destination was in Philadelphia! I looked on her phone and it said she was paying $841 for the trip. I have a regular job and had to be to work in the afternoon. They pleaded for me to pls take them so I said "hell, why not." I drove over 5 hrs. and 350 miles to their destination only to have uber pay me $326 for it while they pocketed $510 for "service fees." They didnt even pay me correctly for my tolls. I was wondering if there is any recourse for this BS. I drove for 11hrs, paid all tolls, and they claim they deserve 61% of what the rider Paid!