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Uber Diary of an Almost-Millenial

Discussion in 'Other' started by FinancialFreedom, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Diary of an Almost-Millenial

    September 7, 2015

    I am almost a millennial and trying to become a millionaire. However, I find it very hard to realize that dream. I have never made at least $50,000 a year and one of my goal is to make at least $50,000 per year and then $100,000 per year. I have been Ubering since around July 4, 2015 which is the 239th birthday of the United States. One of my goals is to live at least until 2076 to celebrate the 300th birthday of the United States.

    In the first month of Ubering, I quitted a few times and believe me, it is not the first time that I quitted in many areas of my life. At that time, I realize that I cannot quit any more; otherwise, how can I become successful in life. Hence, I decided to stay on and continue with Ubering. Since July 2015, I have driven over 300 passengers and made around $3,000 with Uber. In addition of Ubering, I have a few other jobs to help me paying the bills and other expenses.
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    Indy North Suburbs
    Money is essential, but don't equate money with success.

    I'm actually happier now as a part-time dad/Uber driver than I was working a well-paying full-time job for most of the last 16 years.

    (Shhh, don't tell my wife. ;) )
  4. I realize for every 10,000 miles I drive, I can make a few thousand dollars. This is hard works and hard works is what I need to make me an industrious and successful person, not a lazy person. I hate being lazy because it destroys me inside and outside and it makes me hating life. I will not be lazy, not at all.
  5. Just so we're all clear you don't have any businesses or ideas of your own at the moment all your jobs are currently working for other people?

    1. Are you a contractor or working towards becoming a part of a specialized field so that you can command your own salary? I have worked with professionals that are not CEO's and were paid between $120/hr to $3,000/hr. I have also worked with individuals who made more in 6mths than some people make in 2yrs of full time employment. How hard does an UBER driver need to work to make $300/hr to $3,000/hr? It will never happen based on the share logic or math of the model nor have any of these professionals in various industries not been in a position to command their own salaries. When you don't have a specialized skill and work in over saturated markets people dictate and cap what you can make.
    2. Do you know how to code and/or have a fairly good grasp of technology?
    3. Do you understand why you want to become a millionaire? Give me your top five reasons.
    4. Money does not equal happiness and that's been proven time and time again. As a matter of fact many wealthy people are generally less happy than indigenous peoples who have absolutely nothing. Do you understand why that is?
    5. Many successful people, at least based on societies general interpretation of that term were college dropouts, never went to college and had many businesses and ideas fail before making it big. Look at Travis from UBER. This was not his first idea and I suspect it's not his last. His very first could be considered a failure by the way it ended. The difference between them and others is that they never gave up or stopped believing there was something greater for them. Do not be afraid to fail but don't be arrogant enough to not be humbled and learn from those failings.
    6. You have to set goals for yourself and will need to make many sacrifices. Any poor habits that inhibit you from reaching those goals will need to be addressed. There will also be people who will want to see you fail but you cannot let them drag you down to their level or their view of the world if you have a vision.
    7. Would you say you have an entrepreneurial spirit?
  6. "Just so we're all clear you don't have any businesses or ideas of your own at the moment all your jobs are currently working for other people? "

    Thank you for your response and feedback.

    I have a few jobs and Ubering is one of them. I see my jobs as doing an important service and serving the needs of humanity. I used to be lazy and hate life and didn't want to work at all. Fortunately I wake up from that nightmare and got back my perspectives on life through hard works, dedication, and determination by working with people and connecting with the humanity.

    To be continued...
  7. Well good luck to you and all the best.
  8. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator

    Great Lakes
    You jobs should be a stepping stone towards a career - aim towards doing what you like doing.
  9. Thank you for your feedback.

    For people who are still Ubering, please let me know the reasons you are still doing it.
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    Southeastern USA
    I'm stuck in this dumpster fire of a "job" for now...but looking for an escape route as we speak. There is no reason to Uber anymore. This gig has gotten progressively worse since 2014.
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  11. In 2012, I was laid off and I felt helpless in 2013 and 2014. I went from driving a 2004 car to a 2001 car to a 1998 van. It was not a good feeling. I started Ubering in 2015 and it allowed me to get a better safer car while helping me with paying the bills each week. In 2015, I drove around 11,000 miles for Uber and made about $5,000 which helped with the car payments and living expenses. In addition to Ubering, I have a few more jobs to survive and prosper.
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  12. POST # 11/@Financial Freedom: Rest
    assured You
    will be in the Thoughts and Prayers
    of Fellow Members !

    Mentoring Bison: Charity starts at Home.
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  13. There are 300+ million people in the US.

    10% of 300mil is 30 million

    1% of 300mil is 3 million

    If Uber can keep a few million drivers,
    Then the driving operation is fine as it is.
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    Some very sound and sage wisdom/advice for us all Steve. Great job !!!! ;)
  16. Thank you, Steve, for your reply. You mention several great points and I do believe that being an entrepreneur is one of the best jobs out there.
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    Thanks Steve for your insightful sharing on the attitudes and attributes we need to have before we can hope to achieve a sustainable level of success and happiness in life. And I certainly agree with you that being wealthy does not equate to being happy. Cheers !
  18. The Mollusk

    The Mollusk

    I'd normally give this trolling a 3.2, but the fact that so many people are buying it bumps it up to a 4.2

    Making fun of millennials +.5 , so 4.7 and craven misspelling gives the troll an additional +.2, so a total of 4.9.

    Well done , sir!

    In the future , there are some things you can do improve your troll score;

    - mention candies and waters (the more foreign sounding the better, no one in the US says says cand*ies* or water*s*)

    - incredible user name. Fine line between believeable and unbelievable ex. Haywood Jablome = bad, Afzal Fal Doun Houle = good.

    - any dig at common user complaints is an instant +1

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