Uber Delivery


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As one of the most active cities, I thought I'd come here for advice.
UberDelivery will launch in Las Vegas soon. They texted me about being a driver for it.
Can anyone explain what exactly this is and how much is the pay?


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Nobody should ever consider it

Both uber and playmates/grub hub/etc pay more

Except if you can get a sign on bonus, or some sort of significant incentive, just don't


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It's basically getting requests to go pick up food from a local restaurant and delivering it to customers. It's hard in SF because of parking and maybe bad pay (I never tried it), but it's worth giving it a shot in Vegas.


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Mmm sucks in SF cause we have no parking / nobody tips , experience should vary from city to city

Otherwise in theory better than driving people around especially with times when there is no surge


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my motto is i'll sign up and give it a shot as I am here in Vegas. If I like it and can make it work then ill do it. if I can't or don't see the value in it for me i'll step away. What does it hurt to give it a try? Vegas does not have the horrible problems of some of these bigger cities with the bad parking and horrible traffic...yes we have traffic but it is easily avoidable most of the time. Everything is track homes and plaza's out here. Parking is ample for the most part. Tipping however for this type of service should be encouraged or "SHOULD BE" implied as you wouldn't stiff the pizza guy would you? But don't hold your breath on that one.