Uber Delivery - Signed Up - Tried It - Unsubscribed - Still getting Requests

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I signed up for Uber Delivery. Tried it for about a month. Decided that it wasn't for me for obvious reason expressed by so many:

  • No Tipping, especially when they want door to condo door delivery
  • Shorts not worth it
  • Stress from Risk of getting a citation or towed when parking on street downtown Chicago
  • The time it takes to do deliveries on short delivery trips = lost wages: 30 mins for 1 delivery for $ 3.75
  • absurd customers having expectation that you delivery door to door, especially when they are in a condo/highrise and then they don't tip for the extra service you provided.
  • etc, etc, etc

It just isn't worth it.

So, I went into one of the uber offices to turn in my delivery bag and deactivate my participation in the service.....The uber rep, said that it would take 1 hr for me to not get the delivery requests. Well, folks it has been 5 days, and I am still receiving the requests. I have contacted them on several occasions requesting them to fix it. Of course I received a cookie cutter response that did not address my issue. I replied saying it did not resolve my issue as they say specifically that they took take or removing me from the service. And I haven't received a response back yet.

And of course this morning, I receive an email saying WELCOME to UBER RUSH delivery. WTF???

If you thought about signing up for Uber delivery, DONT DO IT. It will be hell to get out of.

Has anyone else signed up for delivery, then decided to opt out, but still getting harassed by delivery requests?


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That's too bad. It sucks that people are so cheap not tipping. I automatically would tip anyone making a delivery. At LEAST $3, depending.....
More like $6 or $7 in the city. In the burbs maybe $5. I wouldn't call for delivery unless I had some cash. Even $3 worth of quarters from that jar we keep with loose change is better than nothing.


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Maybe they did set you up but didn't tell you how it worked. In the partner app, click on account. Click on change underneath where your car is displayed. If your car is listed there more than once, look carefully at the differences in how it is listed. One will say rides. One will say nothing. The one that says nothing is the one that gives you both rides and deliveries. Switch it to the rides option and see if that works.
I got the invite, read it and x'd out of it because it didn't interest me and immediately got a note saying "congrats for signing up for delivery". I didn't sign up for anything. I've done 2 deliveries now. Have no bag and had to wait 10 minutes at both spots because food wasn't ready. No tips upon delivery either. One was a 15 minute trip from restaurant.


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Took uber about 6 weeks to figure out how to unsubscribe me. The request for deliveries kept pouring in and I nearly quit uber altogether because of it.

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They finally got mine straight, but it was after a subsequent visit to the office. Stay strong.