Uber Data?


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Ok, with 150 rides given so far on UBER, I've learned a few things (like avoid UberPOOL at all costs, which never pays anything) but still feel pretty inefficient. I seem to wait way too much.

Is there a better way to figure out analytically (vs just my daily experience) where and when to drive to get the best results? Does UBER provide any access to their data?

It sure seems like some realtime data and predictive analytics would benefit everyone. For example, I would love to know
- how many Uber drivers are currently online with me in the area I'm at (ie Bellevue)
- historically how many rides are requested for my current date and hour of the day (ie Tuesday 1-2pm)

Sure seems like simple stuff like this could be used to predict if I'm going to sit here at Starbucks for a long time or not. Also it would be great to look at historical fares and tell me that there is 40% chance I will be offered a ride in the next 60 minutes, at a typical fare of $10. And then I can decide from there if I want to keep waiting.

Just thinking out loud, as this week seems really slow....



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If you are trying to drive Uber in Bellevue during the mid-day weekday, then you will be sitting in a Starbucks for an hour.


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Basically, you have to put in some time trying things out while driving, but more importantly, you have to watch for surge and pattern it. There is very little real money to be made outside of surge times. You can do your surge research from your couch, fortunately. Then, drive only those hours during which you can be pretty sure to catch some surge rides.