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Ladies and gentlemen,

I know we all work hard (most of us do). There has always been this stereotype of NYC taxi and livery drivers smelling not so fresh. Sometimes, it's understandable. Many of us can pull up to 12 hour shifts and sweat. Not excusing it, just saying. I shower twice a day and carry antiperspirant/deodorant in my car. I also clean my car twice a day (wipe with apple scented windex, dust floormats and clean the seats) first thing before the shift and two hours before I'm done. I sit in the car 6-9 hours a day 4 to 5 days a week and honestly, I cannot stand the idea of sitting in filth. That being said...

Has anyone ever experienced customers that smelled bad? I know it's hot out but these people are usually coming from offices or even their homes. They usually smell like cat urine, stale booze or a moldy damp smell. It's almost always early in the morning or late at night.

No offense to anyone, I pick up people in the bronx/Jamaica Queens, east ny, Harlem etc and I've noticed that smell so much. What is that smell? Usually people that come out of the government housing buildings (the tall brown ones). Is there a reason for that damp/moldy smell? I know I'm not crazy but I smell it two or three times a day. I'm sure if a driver smelled like that. Uber/lyft would deactivate immediately.

How would you guys handle a situation with a bad smelling customers, do you let them know or open all windows etc?


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