Uber communication about Morgantown, WV launch


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Hi all,

WV state legislature approved ride sharing for WV as of July 1st. Uber had plans to launch here(at least it was stated in the local papers that way) as of July 1st. As of today, July 8th, nothing has activated.

I had planned on driving here, signed up and got approved and put in queue. I have emailed there support and chatted with many names from uber and never to I get a straight answer. All the emails have been generic replies and the chats don't confirm anything! Very frustrating.

Morgantown, WV is where WVU is, state college town with over 30k undergrads. Now that ride sharing is approved here, I and several of my friends want to start driving! This has been a great vent.

Any advice on how to get this going?