Jay gummy

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Has anyone else notice that uber is sending non surge pool rides in areas with high surges, so they don't have to pay the surge pricing in effect. Those passengers with the uber pool passes don't have to worry about the surge hence drivers loose as we spend 30mins for in traffic for a $5 ride


Hey guys, I unfortunately noticed it today myself, very disheartened about it, for the first time ever , I continuously rejected a few pool trips in a row, while clearly being in a surge area. Took a 45 break, logged in at 3:05, for incentive trips, and went on with my regular business.We'll see ....

Duane Mitchell

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I think pax who are in a surge area will choose pool to save money. But, whether you get the surge pricing or not depends on where the pickup occurs. If you are in a surge area and the pickup is outside the surge then no surge for you. This can happen in the Seaport. You have to see where the pickup is.