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uber changed referralcode

Discussion in 'Pay' started by ccphilly1984, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. ccphilly1984


    bristol, pa
    So i found out that uber changed the referral code on the drivers. My original code is nowhere to be found. Here is my problem .i have 1,000 referral cards with my original code on it that i planned on distributing to hotels for the week the pope is visiting Philadelphia. Does anyone know if i will still get paid for passenger referrals with this new code?
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  2. Blaze333


    Erie PA
    If you go to the help menu on your app and then select account, then select "my invite codes don't match. It says that your past invite codes will still work. I don't know why Uber made this change, but if it changes everytime you share it and someone uses it, you're going to have a bunch of them. It makes no sense.
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