Uber boulder employee terrible customer


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Just picked up a guy from what allegedly is the office they are putting in for Uber Boulder in Louisville. Says he works for uber and is setting up the office but
1. Makes me wait 15 minutes to even come down from the office only reason I even stayed was surge pricing and the 15 minute drive that it took to get to him from Boulder

2. No tip whatsoever

3. Smelled so bad I went and rolled down some windows plus had to take an Advil because his extreme body odor actually gave me a headache

Gave him a 1 star review would have given him a -5 if I could. I truly hope this guy doesn't work for uber because if he does it reflects horribly for my employer


So you...

1. Accepted, and drove to, a ping from a location 15 minutes away.

2. Waited 15 minutes for a pax.

3. Believed someone who claimed they work for Uber.

4. Expected a tip from a pax - whom you believed worked for Uber, a company famous for it's anti-tipping culture.

Better 'luck' next time.
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I gave a ride to someone in Longmont that said he was working for uber, specifically on the mapping portion. While on the ride the uber maps took us on some really funky path to get to where we needed and I apologized profusely and he confessed that was the portion fo the software he was working on so it was useful to see it in action, LOL. Interesting.
I also gave another ride to a woman that works for uber, but not sure her role there...