Uber booted out of London


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Uber will be booted out of London for its unethical activities;


"The popular ride-hailing app is "not fit and proper" to hold a licence."

Steve McNamara, the head of the LTDA, said: "Since it first came onto our streets Uber has broken the law, exploited its drivers and refused to take responsibility for the safety of passengers. We expect Uber will again embark on a spurious legal challenge against the Mayor and TfL, and we will urge the court to uphold this decision. This immoral company has no place on London’s streets."

LOL. I will celebrate tonight. I hope they waste millions on an unsuccessful appeal.


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Don't forget the $US2.6 billion that Waymo wants just for one of the copyright breaches.

Not Uber's best week.



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I got a uber in London last month and all was great the driver and car were perfect the fare was well high £9 for two miles and he would not take a tip. Speak as you find because I wish I could have said is was crap as my last trip in Perth was.


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And no income except unemploment benefits. It is all down to choice, drivers can choose whether or not they want to drive for Uber, they are not forced.
I don't know where you come from but a company that "is not fit and proper" should be banned. A company as unethical and dishonest as Uber should be banned.
The unemployed need to look elsewhere for employment.
You imply that it's somehow ok to exploit drivers. Well no it's not.

Nothing changes until all avenues for appeal have been exhausted. That will take years.
One of Uber's greatest skills, if you can call it that, is being able to drag out court cases forever and a day.


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I'm in London atm and the drivers don't seem to worried. Court case is expected to drag on for months and the new CEO is expected to make changes.
Just doubt it will be changes across the world just be in places they are challenged would be my bet.


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what kind of a moron would have to be one to have for a choice only uber or unemployment????? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
(seems like it would apply to a muppets from uber perfectly)
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